Who Is Your Hero?

These are taken straight from The Kansas State Collegian by Regina Nowak.  There’s no context to the article – just some quotes.

1. “My hero is probably my mom. She is just very strong-willed and enthusiasic about life.”
Jennifer Reischman, senior in animal science
2. “I’d have to say Pope Benedict XVI is my hero. He’s such an inspiring man, one who really does what he believes in. He’s a great example. I’m considering to become a priest myself.”
Brian Jilka, freshman in electrical engineering
3. “Mother Theresa is my heroine. She was dedicated to helping others. I’m in a sorority and have not got involved yet, but I’m planning to do so.”
Haley Wilson, freshman in interior architecture
4. “How about Buddha. He spent his life trying to help other people to become more aware. If everyone is enlightened, they will think more about other people’s perspectives in life and wouldn’t do anything that hurts them.”
Paul Michaels, freshman in architecture
5. “That’s a tough question, but I would say my mom because of her strength and independence. She is someone I would like to be like.”
Ashley Beason, junior in secondary education
6. “My dad is my hero. Just because I know how it is like to support someone, and he supports our whole family, which is four kids and my parents.”
Nick Felder, sophomore in chemical engineering
7. “That would be my mother. Because she makes sure that I have everything I need in my life, and she got me here to K-State for my education. She gives me money whenever I need it.”
Pricilla Watler, sophomore in accounting
8. “My dad, because he has done so much and been able to accomplish a lot. His passion is so big I have never seen anything like it. He’s a role model of how I should pursue my interest as well.”
Jeff Zhu, sophomore in landscape architecture
9. “My father is my hero. He’s been there for me and helped shape who I am today.”
Sam Clevenger, freshman in hotel and restaurant administration
10. “My dad, because he is a very respectable person and very knowledgeable and wise.”
Savanna Nightengale, junior in architecture

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