Zoe Weil’s “Claude and Medea”

Claude and MedeaClaude is rich, Medea is not.  Claude is popular, Medea is not.  Claude is white, Medea is not.  They’ve never spoken to each other until they’re taken from their Mundane Worlds by the whirlwind substitute teacher named Flora Rattlebee.  Part Call To Adventure, part Mentor, Ms. Rattlebee rattles the brains of Claude Maxwell-Cunningham and Medea Ramon.

While the rest of the class mocks the diminutive woman’s questions about racism, animal roles, and child slavery, Claude and Medea can’t stop thinking about them.  They begin a friendship based on their questioning and decide to make a change in the world – one dog at a time.

Zoe Weil was introduced to me through our joint work with Phil Zimbardo and heads up the Humane Education Institute.  This was her first attempt at fiction and it’s really quite accomplished.  She gets right to the core of the characters, understanding how middle schoolers think and act.  If you have contact with any middle schoolers you might want to buy them a copy of this book.  It might even encourage you to think about how you’re living and how heroic you can be.

To buy Claude and Medea from Amazon click this link: Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs

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